The Thalo Shower Tray & Waste


  • Matt White


The Thalo Shower Tray may seem like a regular shower tray, but it has been created using innovative design to produce something that is environmentally friendly, durable and the epitome of modern creation. Taking inspiration from nature, the internal make-up of the Thalo Shower Tray uses a geometric pattern reminiscent of a honeycomb. This creates a solid shower tray that is 60% lighter than a conventional resin tray. Using 50% less raw materials, this design is incredibly sustainable. The lighter weight also reduces the environmental impact this product will have over its lifetime. 

It's not just inside that involves innovative design. The drainage is based on the Golden Mean – the most efficient and beautiful solution. This design controls the drainage in a natural way and improves water disposal, ensuring the tray does not overflow. 

Setting itself apart from regular shower trays, the Thalo Shower Tray features a lightly textured stone effect for a smooth, relaxing sensation for your feet. With a high-quality finish including a nanocoat gel, the surface is non-porous, making it antibacterial and easy to clean. Designed with safety in mind, this shower tray adheres to Class 3 Anti-Slip requirements. 

Technical specifications

Guarantee Lifetime
Product Note Engineered Stone Cover & Waste Valve Included
Primary Material Solid Surface
Width 800mm
Length 1200mm
Height 38mm

Feature & Benefits

  • High-Quality Solid Engineered Stone
  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-Slip Class 1
  • Textured Stone Effect

Sustainability misson

Working with Climate Partner, we are adapting, innovating and evolving our processes, to achieve our goal of carbon neutrality.

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