Working with Climate Partner, Clearwater Interiors is on a mission to reduce carbon emissions and create the first environmentally conscious bathroom collection. We will continue to adapt, innovate and evolve our processes to curate elevated sensory experiences that positively impact the planet.


Sustainable materials

From the sustainably engineered stone that lies at the core of our collection, to the recyclable packaging our products are housed in, each material we use must align with our eco values and mission, to ensure that we remain carbon conscious through every step.

Carbon neutrality

Working with Climate Partner we have started our journey to lowering our carbon footprint; creating environmentally conscious, yet elevated bathroom experiences. We have measured our emissions and will transparently adapt and evolve our processes to effectively decrease our impact on the planet.

Every product within the Clearwater Interiors range has been awarded the Climate Partner Certified label, giving transparent and clear verification of how we measure, reduce, and contribute at a product level. Each product has a label like the one below, which you can scan to see our current actions and future commitments.


Reduced water usage

Our products are expertly designed to deliver a luxury bathroom experience whilst reducing water consumption - balancing ecology, economy and wellbeing in one considered space.


All of our partners are carefully selected by their leading approach to sustainability. We ensure that each partner, from supplier to stockist, will support us in our journey to carbon neutrality.

Social responsibility

We’re proud of the steps we’ve taken, but we know we can do more and are fully committed to the journey for the long term. Whilst we continue to work towards our sustainable goals, we are responsibly investing in global climate projects to completely offset our emissions.